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Departmental Credit Card Processing Important Information

Please read the information below very carefully regarding payment card transactions.

As many of you are aware, the University’s credit card policies and procedures have been assessed by a Qualified Security Assessor from 403 Labs, Walt Conway. This assessment was mandatory by the major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) for the University to obtain annual compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and continue accepting payment cards. The University has adopted Walt’s recommendations as University policy. However, Walt’s assessment is only the beginning of our compliance and all procedures and policies regarding payment card transactions must be closely monitored.

Please follow the Departmental Credit Card Charge Form Instructions very carefully. All cardholder information must be protected. If not, the University could be subject to huge fines including the loss of accepting payment card transactions.

  1. The Bursar’s Office must have authorization/approval from the Dean to accept payment cards on behalf of the department. All payment card fees are charged back to the department at the end of the month. These fees are approximately 1.75% of the payment card transaction amount. If you do not know if your department has been approved, please contact the Bursar, Shannon Duplantis.
  2. Complete form with departmental account and cardholder information. Please immediately HAND DELIVER this form to the Bursar’s Office. DO NOT send the form through campus mail, email, or fax. Cardholder information is very sensitive and must be protected at all times.
  3. Once the Bursar’s Office has processed the payment card transaction, a confirmation receipt will be mailed to the box number provided on the form. The credit card charge form will be destroyed immediately by the Bursar’s Office.
  4. As part of our compliance within the Payment Card Industry, Loyola University does not store any payment card information. If there is a need for your department to keep a copy of the charge form, PLEASE cut out or mark out the payment card information.


Loyola University departmental staff and student organizations are no longer allowed to process payment card transactions through their work computers. By processing payment cards through work computers, the computers become “payment terminals” which puts the University vulnerable to hackers and violates our compliance of PCI regulations. As technology advances within the 21st century, so do the minds of the evil hackers who lurk around trying to steal identities and sensitive information.

If you are currently processing payment cards through your work computer, please contact the Bursar, Shannon Duplantis, immediately to make arrangements to either secure a computer in your department or discuss other options for payment card processing. If you would like to request a departmental storefront, please complete the request form.

Loyola University New Orleans DOES NOT APPROVE of mobile devices (i.e. Square) for payment card processing.