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FRS At A Glance

Accessing FRS

  1. Open QWS mainframe software.
  2. Input m2840, then press enter.
  3. Input your user name & password into the appropriate fields and press enter.
  4. Type zctl and press enter.

This will bring you to a selection of systems. To access the FRS system type FRS in the selection field.

Most Commonly Used Screens

F19 - Account Summary
Lists budget, current month, actual, encumbered, and available account balances. To view the entire account, enter only the account number in the Acct: field without object codes. Entering an object code with the account will give you the balance of that object code and subsequent object codes but will not provide total available balances for the account.

F23 – Current Month Transactions
Lists transactions for the current month. If you enter the account number without an object code you will see all transactions for the account. To view activity on a specific object code, enter the account number with the object code. If your account activity is large enough that it requires more than 26 screens to view, enter *** in the Next Page field at the bottom left of the screen to access the next series of pages. FRS only loads 26 pages of account information at a time.

F24 – Prior Month Transactions
Lists account activity for the prior month.

023 – Year to Date Transactions
Lists all account activity from the beginning of the fiscal year to date. If you enter the account number without an object code, information will be listed in date order by object code. (Ex. Obj. code 1104, 8/01-7/31 entries, then Obj. code 1208, 8/01-7/31 entries, then Obj. code 1501, 8/01-7/31 entries, etc.) If you enter the account number including an object code, information will be listed in date order for that object code only.

F20 – Open Purchase Orders by Object Code
Lists all open purchase orders and current balances for specific account and object code.

F21 – Open Purchase Orders by Account
Lists all open purchase orders and current balances for specific account, regardless of object code.

F43 – Transaction Summary by Account
Lists all “cash” transactions on account, separating budget and actual entries. Eliminates background FRS entries, such as requisition and purchase order creation. Organized in date order by object code with subtotals for each object code.

To access screens enter the screen number you wish to view in the Screen: field located in the top left corner of the screen.

Transaction Codes (TC)

Budget Journal Entries
TC – 2X

20 – New year budget set up
21 – Budget revisions
22 – Budget transfers

Budget transfers move actual budget funds from one account to another. Budget transfers can take place only between budget accounts (accounts that begin with a 2 or a 3). Funds can be transferred into non-pooled object codes (4XXX) and salary object codes. Budget transfers cannot be processed from grant and agency accounts (accounts that begin with a 6 or 8) into budget accounts. Budget transfers cannot be made into specific pooled object codes
(3XXX), but can be transferred into the 3000 pool. To transfer funds into a specific pooled object code a reclassification of receipts or disbursements should be used.

All 2X TCs increase account balances with a debit, and decrease account balances with a credit.

TC – 3X

30 – Cash Receipt / Deposit
32 – Visa / MC
33 – ACH-Echeck
34 – American Express
35 – Misc. journal entries / Incoming Wires

3X transactions generally increase account balances with a credit. 3X transactions will decrease account balances with a debit.

TC – 4X

43 – Stop payments
45 – Wire transfers
48 – Check requests

4X transactions generally decrease account balances with a debit. 4X transactions will increase account balances with a credit.

Purchase Orders
TC – 5X

50 – Requisition / Purchase order create
51 – Requisition cancelled
52 – Adjusts Purchase order

50 transactions encumber funds (remove funds from the available fund column into the encumbered column) with a debit and release funds (move funds from the encumbered column back to the available funds column) with a credit. For additional information on 5X transaction codes please contact the Purchasing office. 

Journal Entries
TC – 6X

60 – Reclassification of receipts or disbursements (non-budget transfers)
61 – Billing & Receiving (BRS Feeds)
64 – Institutional Advancement Feeds
63 – Payroll Expense (PRL Feeds)
66 – Purchase Order FY Roll-Over
68 – Accounts Payable Checks
69 – Compound Journal Entry

Reclassifications of receipts or disbursements are non-budget transfers. They can be used to reimburse departments for expenses incurred by other departments, to correct FRS entries, to move funds between grant and agency accounts and into budget accounts, and to post various charges (Bookstore, Marriott, etc.) to accounts. They can also be used to move money within object codes in an account.
6X Transactions increase account balances with a credit and decrease accounts with a debit.

For all entries, if a C (credit) or D (debit) is not indicated next to the amount, then a “-“ after the given amount means that the entry is a credit. If nothing is listed after the amount than the entry is a debit.

Batch Identification

FRS Feeds
ADS – Alumni Development
APC – Check Request
APD – Accounts Payable Disbursement
BRS – Billing and Receiving
CR – Cash Receipts
DR – Requisitions
PRL – Payroll
PBX – Purchase Order FY Roll-Over

FRS Batch Input
CCR – Cathy Roy
CJE – Compound Journal Entry
HND – Hand Check
MAR – Food Service Charges
PAL – Void Checks
PRS – Central Press
PUR – Purchase Orders
RRR- Robin Rupp
TOB – Tootie Buisson
UPS – United Parcel Service
VIS – Visa/Mastercard
JMA- Jean Augustin

Changing Fiscal Years

To view prior fiscal year information:
1. Enter 881 in the Screen: field and press enter.
2. Enter 14 in the Fiscal Year field and press enter. This will set the system to the prior fiscal year.
3. Enter the screen number that you wish to view in the Screen: field and press enter.

Contact Information

Jean Augustin- Accounts Payable Policy Questions *7727

Tootie Buisson – Grant Accounts, Accounts Payable Policy Questions *3960

Robin Rupp – Check Requests, Accounts Payable Invoices, Policy Questions, *2684

Daniella Solorzano - Accounts Payable Invoices, Check Requests, Policy Questions, *3144

Document Updated 8/26/2014