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Retaining Records

Record Retention Policy

Effective Date:   March 2, 2009
Revisions:   None
Responsible Officer:   Each department is responsible for their record retention and destruction.


This policy sets forth the standards and procedures for use by LUNO community in connection with the retention of LUNO records by various departments of LUNO.  A retention schedule is a timetable or plan to determine which records should be kept, how long they should be kept, and which records should be disposed of.  It is the intention of this policy to ensure that all LUNO records are maintained in accordance with all applicable legal and policy requirements in order to ensure that LUNO records are not improperly or prematurely disposed of by a University department.  At the same time, this policy seeks to give guidance to LUNO employees as to appropriate time frames under which LUNO records that are no longer necessary for the operation of LUNO may be properly disposed of, thereby providing for efficient and effective use of LUNO’s limited storage capacity.

However, all records involved in pending or anticipated litigation will be kept regardless of the stated schedule.

Process for Disposal of Luno Records

The head of any academic department or vice president for an administrative department may authorize the disposal of LUNO records upon meeting the following criteria:

  1. The records that meet the time frames set forth in the attached appendix (See Appendix A) will be destroyed.
  2. The disposal of the records complies with statutory, contractual, or accreditation obligations.
  3. The records to be disposed of do not relate to or contain information regarding current, pending or potential litigation involving LUNO.  Any questions regarding these criteria should be addressed to the Internal Auditor.
  4. Records containing student information or sensitive and/or confidential information must be shredded or otherwise rendered unreadable prior to disposal.

Under no circumstances shall any employee dispose of LUNO records without following the above procedures.  This policy is not intended to apply to the appropriate disposal of individual documents when warranted and approved in the course of an employee’s daily activities but is intended to apply to the disposal of large quantities of out-of-date LUNO records.

Determination of the Time Frames

If an employee seeks to dispose of certain LUNO records that are not listed in Appendix A, the employee cannot dispose of the records without the approval of the Internal Auditor.

Download the record retention schedule (.doc)