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Policy No.: 1-1 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: Introduction

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff


Issued by the University’s President and Board of Trustees, the Loyola University New Orleans Human Resources Policy, Procedure and Benefit Manual is designed to provide a clear statement of the University's Human Resources policies. The policies contained in this manual are in keeping with the values and goals of the University. These policies should be used to inform and guide day-to-day human resources decisions.

This manual is published and maintained as a guide for supervisors and employees in order that human resources matters will be handled consistently and equitably throughout the University. Loyola provides these policies as a framework within which to make human resources decisions in a Catholic and Jesuit institution and competitive environment.

The Human Resources Policy, Procedures and Benefits Manual supersedes all inconsistent memoranda and statements as well as prior personnel policies and procedures. This manual is designed to be the primary reference document for communicating human resources policies, programs, and procedures to employees at Loyola University New Orleans. Separate Summary Plan Descriptions, available on the Human Resources web page or in the Human Resources office, describe the University's benefit plans, which are summarized only briefly here. Specific rights and benefits under those plans are governed by each benefit plan or contract.

This manual applies to all University personnel except where contrary or additional policies or provisions applicable only to faculty are contained in the Faculty Handbook.

Because faculty and staff are members of the Loyola community and share the same goals and workplace, many of these policies apply to everyone employed at Loyola. There are some terms and conditions of employment however, that differ for faculty and staff employees, or for non-exempt staff and exempt staff. Therefore, some policies apply exclusively to one group or another. The group or groups to which a particular policy applies are indicated in the upper right hand corner of each policy.
This manual will be updated periodically to reflect changes in University policy and changes in the law. However, no provision in this manual or in separate memoranda or pamphlets is, or should be construed as, an implied or expressed contract or guarantee of employment or contractual obligation of the University.

The master copy of the manual will be maintained in the University Human Resources office. The manual will also be available on the Human Resources section of Loyola’s web site.
Nothing in this manual is considered confidential. It should be made available to and used for reference by anyone in the University upon request.

Questions concerning the applicability and interpretation of the policies in this manual should be discussed with and resolved by the Human Resources Director.

Board Responsibility

The University’s Board of Trustees endorses the Manual.

President’s Cabinet Responsibility

The President and the President’s cabinet reviews and approves additions and changes to employee policies, procedures and benefits.

Human Resources Responsibility

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for interpretation and day-to-day administration of all personnel functions according to established policies and procedures.

The Director of Human Resources, in consultation with appropriate division and department representatives, the University Senate and the Administrative Senate, develops recommendations for policy and procedure amendments and/or additions and forwards to the President’s Cabinet.

Supervisory Responsibility

Supervisors are responsible for daily administration of personnel practices and may have department guidelines, normally approved by the area dean or vice president, which clarify this manual’s policies and procedures in the context of departmental operations. In the event of conflict, this manual will take precedence.

Key administrators are responsible for identifying areas of operation within their departments or organizational units that are in need of new or revised policy guidance or procedural changes; for recommending appropriate policy statements and procedures; for participating in the development of those policies and procedures; and for assuring adherence to approved policies and procedures within their areas of organizational responsibility. In addition, each is responsible for the dissemination of all pertinent policy information to appropriate personnel in his or her area.

Employee Responsibility

Many of the policies contain requirements for both the University and employees. Employees are expected to be familiar with Loyola’s Human Resources policies and procedures and to ask their supervisor or the Department of Human Resources for assistance when clarification or interpretation is needed.

Employees who abuse or do not comply with University policies and procedures are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Any member of the University community may recommend additions or changes to this manual. Recommendations should be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources.

* Any changes to policies applicable to faculty, must be forwarded to the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee for review and approval.