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New or Transferring Employees

Policy No.: 3-10 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: New or Transferring Employees

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff



To ensure that each employee receives a paycheck and benefits, the hiring department is responsible for submitting all pertinent paperwork to the Department of Human Resources.


New Hire

Prior to or no later than the first day of employment, the Human Resources Department must have the following documents in order to place the new employee on the payroll:

  • Employment application if not already on file,
  • PNF showing hire date, position title, salary, salary budget account and faculty contract letter (if applicable). Failure to turn in a PNF may result in the employee not being paid or not receiving benefits. (If employee is paid by a grant, the PNF must be approved by the Senior Accountant in Financial Affairs.)
  • Employment eligibility verification form (I-9)
  • Form W-4 (Federal Tax Withholding)
  • Form L-4 (State Tax Withholding)
  • Benefit enrollment forms for full-time employees (enrollment forms may be completed in New Employee Orientation depending upon the timing of hire)

For non-exempt employees, the supervisor is responsible for completing a blank scannable time sheet recording the hours worked during the first pay period. For exempt employees, payroll will compute the hours worked and the employee should be added to the department’s green exempt time sheet. Once the new employee has been added to the payroll system, the employee’s name should appear on the appropriate pre-printed time sheet.

Once an employee has been activated in the payroll system, a computer-generated PNF will be produced, verified by payroll and returned to the department to be used for future status changes. Additional pre-printed PNFs can be requested as needed by contacting the payroll department.


Prior to the first day of transfer, the hiring department must complete a Personnel Notification Form (PNF) and forward it to the Department of Human Resources. This form provides the necessary information to properly record an employee in the payroll system. If this form is not received, the payroll department does not know an employee has been transferred. Failure to turn in a PNF may result in the employee not being paid properly.