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Recruitment & Selection - Staff

Policy No.: 2-13 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: Recruitment & Selection - Staff

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff
Revised: 03/18/2024   Faculty


Loyola University New Orleans strives to recruit, hire, transfer and promote accomplished individuals who can further the university’s mission:

  • By selecting the individual who best meets the needs of the hiring department and the University,
  • By enhancing opportunities for internal mobility and promotion of qualified candidates who are current University employees,
  • By enhancing opportunities for employment of women and minorities in areas where they are underrepresented, and
  • By considering candidates without discrimination based on race, color, national and/or ethnic origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap/disability, religion, veteran’s status, age or any other unlawful factor.


A uniform procedure for the recruitment, selection and hiring of employees enables the University to hire the most qualified staff available and to assure that all applicable legal requirements are met.

Requisitions for Refilling a Vacancy

When a department head becomes aware that a position will be vacated, the department head should review and update the job description, then provide the updated job description to Human Resources. Human Resources will update the job description in NeoGov and make it available for use in the online requisition system. The department head should then submit a requisition to refill the position. A requisition for replacement requires the approval of the appropriate department head, Provost or Vice President, and Budget Review. A Human Resources representative will contact the hiring manager to discuss the opening and to agree upon a recruiting plan.

Additions to Staff

Department heads requesting an addition to staff must submit a job description for the new position to Human Resources. The department heads should work with Human Resources to develop and finalize the job description. Human Resources will research the market salary data and internal comparisons, and assign an appropriate salary band.

Once reviewed and approved the job description will be added to NeoGov. The department head can then submit a requisition for the new position through NeoGov indicating this is a request for a new position. Budget information including salary and benefits funds availability should be included on the form. This form should also include information concerning grants or other special funding for the position. The requisition must be approved by the Provost or Vice President and Budget Review before recruiting can begin.


Open positions will be advertised on the Human Resources Career Opportunities page unless the position is to be filled from within the department. Other advertising sources including external web sites and newspaper advertising will be utilized as necessary. Advertising costs are paid by the hiring department. To achieve consistency and economy, all advertisements for staff positions will be placed through the Human Resources Department.


All applicants for employment with Loyola, whether the applicant is interviewed on or off campus, must apply through the Career Opportunities portal on the Human Resources web page. Applicants may provide any vita, resume or other written material required through the online application process. Loyola relies upon the accuracy of information contained in the online employment application as well as the accuracy of other data provided by the applicant throughout the hiring process. Any misrepresentation, falsification or material omission in any of this information may result in the exclusion of the individual from further consideration or, if the person has been hired, termination of employment.

All applicants complete the EEO inquiry as a part of the online application process. The candidate has the option to complete or decline to complete this portion of the form. It is used for applicant tracking purposes only and is neither maintained with the applicant file nor considered as part of the hiring decision.

Interviewing and Testing

The hiring manager, in consultation with Human Resources, will select from among candidates expressing an interest in a position whose skills, education and experience suit the position. Candidates will be invited to interview with the hiring manager, a Human Resources representative, and others as necessary and appropriate. Where applicable, work sampling and other valid testing will be conducted in a consistent manner to allow applicants the opportunity to demonstrate relevant skills and abilities.

Any offer of employment made to job applicants whose work will require driving for the University must be made contingent upon the applicant’s meeting special safety requirements. A driver authorization request must be made to the Director of Risk Management and the applicant’s record obtained prior to the offer of employment.

Any offer of employment made to job applicants whose work will require them to work with non-university student minors must be made contingent upon the applicant’s meeting the requirements of the Minors on Campus policy including a satisfactory background check, completion of online training, and completion of the policy acknowledgement.


To ensure that individuals who are employed by Loyola are well qualified and have a strong potential to be productive and successful, it is the policy of Loyola University to check the employment references of all prospective employees.

The hiring department or Human Resources conducts reference checks before an offer of employment is extended. Reference checks can be completed through the online hiring process. If they are conducted outside the online hiring process, they are required to be documented and forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion with the file of the candidate/employee. (This is especially important if the candidate is hired.)

Where applicable, Human Resources also verifies educational credentials. References for internal candidates will be coordinated through Human Resources.

Employment Offers

Offers of employment, including starting salaries and other terms, should be coordinated in conjunction with Human Resources through the NeoGov Online Hiring Center. In no case should a hiring manager enter into a formal or informal contract of employment with a prospective employee by making promises, oral or written, which would negate Loyola’s employment-at-will status.

Starting Salaries

Starting salaries are set between the minimum of the band and the midpoint depending upon level of skill, experience and other factors. Starting pay above the midpoint up to the third quartile of the salary band must be approved by the appropriate Vice President. Starting salaries are subject to available budget in the department. Hiring managers are responsible for ensuring that adequate funds are available before hiring.

Notice to Previous Employer

External candidates should be encouraged and allowed to give appropriate notice to their current employer, when applicable.

An internal candidate who accepts another position in the University must provide the current department with a minimum of two weeks advance notice before transfer to the new position. Exceptions may be made by agreement of the current and new departments.

EEO Applicant Summary

Immediately following the selected candidate’s acceptance of an offer, all referred candidates in NeoGov must have their status updated to rejected and this process includes the business reason the candidates were not chosen. This process completes the EEO Applicant Summary process within the Online Hiring Center.