Statement of Account

The Office of Student Finance generates your bill based on information provided by various departments and offices. Charges on the statements include current tuition, fees, campus housing and board plans and may also include other items such as parking and library charges. Credits include any deposits, payments, scholarships, loans, grants and "Anticipated Financial Aid" that has not yet been received.

Private loans and outside scholarships appear on your account once the funds have been received and deposited. If you have been assigned a work-study job, you may deduct an amount up to the dollar value of your earnings per semester. In return, all hours must be submitted in a timely fashion and paychecks must be deposited directly into your tuition account each pay period.

Statements are archived on our secure e-Commerce system for easy viewing for up to one year. 

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If you prefer to receive paper bills in the mail, please read this.


Fees are assessed to cover special activities and services, such as, the orientation program, intercollegiate athletics and internet access. General Fees include the Student Center, Student Government Association, Athletic and Yearbook fees. These fees along with the Information Technology fee are mandatory charges for all students. In addition, new full-time undergraduate students are required to pay the FYE/SYE Engagement fee.  Course fees, Communications Major fees and Study Abroad fees are assessed to students in certain courses or programs.

Anticipated Financial Aid

Items listed under the heading "Anticipated Financial Aid" represent aid items that have been estimated for the bill. We expect to receive these credits on the date indicated.


We encourage our students to help save the environment and take advantage of our e-Billing option!  Click here for more information about opting to receive your statements via email.

Incoming and returning students who have pre-registered are billed prior to the beginning of the semester. Payments are due by the first day of class unless other arrangements have been made. Accounts still not paid by the first day of class will be placed in a past due status. Payments made by check or electronic check will be assumed cleared after 15 days.  Transcript and diploma holds will be lifted once payment has cleared.

Students who are early registrants and who are registering at the beginning of the term will be expected to make payment at time of registration.

Total charges for the semester are due in one payment by the first day of class each semester. A late fee of $250 will be assessed against accounts in past due status. Students who have not met their financial obligations or made appropriate arrangements through the Office of Student Finance will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters.


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