Monthly Budget Plans

Loyola accepts monthly payments through Tuition Management Systems, Inc. This outside agency offers monthly plans with no interest for a low enrollment fee. Amounts budgeted through a monthly payment plan are limited to the billed charges (tuition, fees, residence hall, and board plan) less any scholarships and financial aid expected to be received by the student. Billed charges are usually paid out in full over eight or ten months with payments beginning in late spring or early summer. Single-semester plans for fall or spring are available using a four or five month payment term. Monthly payments are not accepted without enrollment in this plan. Monthly payment plans are not available for summer sessions because of the shortness of the summer term.

Applications can be obtained from the Office of Student Finance or directly from the agency at the address and number listed below. The deadline to enter one of these plans is September 15th for Fall and January 15th for Spring.

Tuition Management Systems, Inc.


Click here for a worksheet that may be useful in estimating the amount you may need to budget.

New Full-time Undergraduate students can use this sample worksheet.

Other Tuition and Fees schedules.