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Loyola University New Orleans is offering this free service to its students who are eligible for refunds.

To have your tuition refund directly deposited into your checking or savings account, you must setup your e-Refund Profile. Once your profile has been created, complete the Online Refund Request Form.

If you prefer a check mailed to you, please do not complete the e-Refund Profile or if you have one set up, please delete it. Refunds to parents and other third party payers cannot be made by e-Refund. Checks will be mailed for these refund requests.

Complete all fields when completing your e-Refund Profile. Failure to do so could cause the direct deposit to be rejected by your financial institution.

E-Refund Profile Setup Instructions (Click here for video instructions)

  • Log in to LORA
  • Under the Tuition and Billing section,
  • Select Account Summary / Pay Tuition / Request Refund
  • Click on the Pay Tuition Online / View e-Bills / Add Authorized Users / Create e-Refund Profile

Once you have read the instructions, click YES to proceed to our secure e-Commerce system

  • On the top menu bar, click the eRefunds tab
  • You may set up an account for direct deposit or edit an existing one
  • Enter the information requested
  • Read and accept the agreement with Loyola University New Orleans
  • A message will appear confirming that your ACH refund account has been saved.  Any refunds to the student will be processed using this direct deposit account until you change or remove it.

e-Refunds can only be processed to the student and only if the student has a checking or savings account stored within the e-Commerce system. No parent or third party refunds are allowed through the e-Refund process.

Proceed to submit your Online Refund Request form    NOTE:  Even if you have set up an e-Refund profile, you will need to include your address on the refund request form.  It will be used only if the e-Refund is rejected by your financial institution.


Click here to view our e-Commerce Instruction Video Series