2021-22 Contingent Fees, Residence Halls, Meal Plans

Contingent Fees

First Year/Second Year Student Engagement Fee (New Full Time Undergarduate Students) $   250
Late Payment Fee $   250
Returned Check Fee (paper or electronic) $   30/occurence
Course Fee(s)
$   30 to $250 (varies per course1‚Äč)
College of Music and Media Majors Fee $   250 per semester
Business Portfolio Course Fee $   250 per semester
Student Teaching Fee $   150 per semester
Residence Council Fee $   30 per semester2
Graduation Fee $   325
Study Abroad Fee $   400
International Student Health Insurance $   1,900 per year (estimated)
Student Bar Association (Law School only) $   250 first semester only
Law Examination Fee (Law School only) $   12 per semester
LIEP Activity Fee (LIEP Students Only) $100 per semester (Full Time) / $50 per semester (Part Time)

1 Course fees are charged for certain courses to cover the costs of special supplies and equipment used in those courses. Costs vary per course.

2 Applicable to students living in Residence Halls

Residence Halls

Per Semester Rates
Biever Hall $3,355 $3,947 $5,110
Buddig Hall   $3,947 $5,110
Cabra Hall Apartments   $4,732 $5,135
Carrollton Hall Suites   $4,083 $5,110
Carrollton Hall Apartments   $4,732 $5,135
Founders Hall Suites     $5,110

Does not include the Residence Council fee of $30 for each semester

Meal Plans


12 Meals per Week                Includes $660 in Wolf Bucks                              Mnimum Requirement for                Freshmen & Sophomores Living on Campus $2,779/Semester
5 Meals per Week+75 Meal Block Includes $660 in Wolf Bucks $2,896/Semester
9 Meals per Week+75 Meal Block Includes $600 in Wolf Bucks $3,134/Semester
18 Meals per Week Includes $125 in Wolf Bucks $3,456/Semester
5 Meals per Week Includes $500 in Wolf Bucks $1,462/Semester
50 Meal Block Includes $500 in Wolf Bucks $1,159/Semester
750 Wolf Bucks Only Minimum Requirement for Juniors & Seniors Living on Campus $750/Semester
1,000 Wolf Bucks Only   $1,000/Semester
1,500 Wolf Bucks Only   $1,500/Semester
3 Meals per Week  Includes $250 in Wolf Bucks $924/Semester
250 Commuter Wolf Bucks Minimum Requirment for Undergraduate Commuter Students $250/Semester

Parking Permits

Please see the Parking Services website for more information.