2018-19 Undergraduate Nursing Tuition & Fee Schedule


Undergraduate Nursing students are charged the per-hour rate for less than 13 hours and Loyola's full time rate for 13 or more hours. 

Undergraduate Fall/Spring/Summer
Part-time (under 13 hours) $      325/Hour    
Full-time (13 or more hours) $ 19,063/Semester 


Fees are assessed at the full time rate to undergraduate nursing students enrolled in 13 or more hours and at the part time rate for undergraduates enrolled in 12 or fewer hours.

Full Time
Part time
Summer 2019
University General Fees for On Campus Students $773.00/Semester $100.00/Semester $  56.50
University General Fees for Online Students $225.00/Semester $112.50/Semester n/a
Adult, Part-Time Parking Fee $  15.00/Semester $  15.00/Semester $  15.00
Lab Fee varies by course varies by course varies by course
Graduation Fee $300.00 $300.00 $300.00