Threat, Hazard + Accident Reporting Guide

Loyola University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all its employees, students and visitors. To help meet that commitment, the University has developed this threat and hazard reporting guide. It is intended to encourage effective communication of safety and security threats and hazards. Loyola will endeavor to fully investigate and correct situations which pose any threat. If you have any questions about how to report a situation, please contact Risk Management.


In certain circumstances, a member of the University community may observe, or be subject to, unsafe, hazardous or threatening situations.
In situations where there is a direct or immediate threat of harm to any person for any reason, notify University Police immediately at 504 865-3434 or 911 on campus.

Premises Hazards

Physical hazards or unsafe conditions related to the University’s grounds or its buildings should be reported to the Physical Plant (504 864-7490) immediately.

Criminal Activity

Report criminal activity to the University Police at 504 865-3434 or 911 on campus. You can also access the University Police Silent Witness program via this link:

Sexual Harassment

The University maintains a strict policy against sexual harassment. The policy and procedures for reporting are available at the following link:

Workplace Violence

Incidents or situations which could involve violence on the campus must be reported immediately the University Police or Human Resources. The University has established a Threat Assessment Team which convenes any time there is a reported perceived or potential threat to someone within the University Community.

Vehicle Accidents

Any vehicle accident occurring on campus should be reported immediately to University Police. Accidents occurring off campus involving Loyola’s vehicles have specific reporting requirements which can be found at:

Employee Accidents

Employees who are involved in accidents while working at Loyola should report the accident immediately to their supervisor and should seek appropriate medical attention. Employees must complete an accident report in Student Health Services regardless of where they seek medical attention. For more information, please see:’s-compensation

Other Unsafe or Hazardous Conditions or Situations

Situations may arise which do not pose a direct or immediate threat of harm, or may not fit into any of the categories above. In many of these cases, Loyola should still be made aware of the situation so that corrective measures can be taken to prevent possible harm. As a member of this community, it is your responsibility to help us by reporting such situations.

Please use the online Hazard/Threat Reporting Form to report such situations or conditions or call the Risk Management office 504 865-3141.