Damaged Property - Building Contents - Reporting Form

This form should be completed to report damage to Loyola-owned or leased property. Provide as much information as possible and be very descriptive. Loyola's insurers will assist us in collating this information, but we are responsible for substantiating our losses. We therefore must document anything that is damaged or lost.

Please submit this form prior to moving or desposing of any damaged items. Insurance companies reserve the right to inspect damaged property. Digital images of damaged items can be submitted by email to riskman@loyno.edu. Photographs are recommended, but do not replace the insurance company's right to inspect the items. If damaged items appear to be posing a hazard, please contact Risk Management to discuss removal/storage options.

Please contact the Risk Management Office if you have any questions or problems with the form.

Contact Information
Item Information

Please describe the damaged item. Include as much info as possible: make, model, serial number, etc.

Please provide us with any comments or notes you think may be helpful.