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Preferred Promotional Item Vendor

Promotional Items Category Preferred Vendors by the Purchasing Dept.  



  1. You may use any one of the vendors listed above for promotional items – this excludes t-shirts.  See Preferred Vendors T-Shirt list.
  2. Please do not authorize any order to a vendor without an approved purchase order # from the Purchasing Dept and artwork approval from the Marketing Dept. and end user.
  3. Any quotes exceeding $500 must be bid out by the Purchasing Department.  Contact Lisa Kibler @ 504-865-3189.
  4. Please provide all vendor feedback (pros and cons) to Lisa Kibler – Loyola University Purchasing Dept.  504-865-3189 or .


When ordering any products with Loyola University New Orleans and/or the Loyola logo on them, the artwork and colors must be approved via email by Marketing: Kristen Nicholson  prior to placing an order.