Preferred Office Suppliers

As of 8/1/17, the University has two preferred office suppliers:  GBP Direct and Staples Advantage.  

Personal reimbursements are no longer allowed for office supply purchases and office supplies must be purchased through one of the two companies.

Please see below for further information on each office supplier.







Local, women-owned office supplier, located in Harahan, LA.  Free next-business day delivery and no minimum order threshold.  Emergency same-day delivery is possible if the order is made prior to 2:00 PM and the product is in stock.



If you previously had access to Office Depot, you were provided with a GBP Direct account.  Please contact Purchasing for more information on your log-in credentials.  If you did not have an Office Depot account and need a username, please email  


To Order:

Go to the ordering page and select "Please Login" under the GBP Direct logo.  Once you have logged in, you will have access to Loyola's contract pricing.

Please ensure you have a valid open purchase order prior to ordering.  Vendor number to select during requisition process is A0000815500.  There is no minimum order threshold.




National office supplier with free next-business day delivery, $50 minimum order threshold.  


Loyola has a new purchasing agreement with Staples Advantage for office supplies.  The goal of this agreement is to reduce the cost of office supplies for the Univeristy whilst also providing a convenient way of ordering.  

  • Core list of 11,000 items on contract
  • Predominantly toner, paper, office supplies, facility supplies, promotional products and furniture
  • Free next business day delivery (minimum $50 order)


To Order:

Departments with an existing Staples account may go directly to Loyola's Staples Advantage log-in page  (customer #70109780DAL).

To set up a Staples Advantage account, please fill out the registration page and the Purchasing Department will review and approve your request.


Please ensure you have a valid open purchase order prior to ordering.  Vendor number to select during the requisition process is A0000731530.  There is a minimum order threshold of $50.


If you need more information on navigating the Staples website, please view the following Staples Walkthrough Video.


Toner Recycling:

Staples Advantage has partnered with Loyola on an ink and toner recycling program.  All you need to do is bring your empty toner cartridges to Central Receiving (Monroe Hall 109) and our staff will handle it from there.