New Purchasing Policies as of August 1, 2017


Bid Threshold

o   The cost/price analysis and bid thresholds have been lowered:

§  Below $2500—No additional review or restriction

§  $2500 and above – Purchase request must be approved and signed by the COO

§  $5000-$10000 – Cost/price analysis form required

§  $10000+ -- Bidding required by Purchasing Department



o   University will not pay for alcohol during travel or entertainment

o   University will not pay for local meals when only faculty, staff or students are present

o   Itemized meal receipts will be required (must show food/beverage items purchased)

o   No tipping will be reimbursed that is in excess of 20%



o   Professional development travel limited to one trip per year per staff member

o   Faculty travel for scholarly presentations limited to two trips per year

o   Travel limitations do not affect the normal course of duties for staff, including, but not limited to, the following areas: Enrollment Management, Institutional Advancement, Athletics, President’s Office or fundraising travel by Deans

o   The University will not pay for premium airfare seating, air clubs or early check in fees

o   The University will not pay for first/business class

o   The University will not pay for travel insurance

o   The University will not pay for local or personal faculty/staff commuting expenses

o   The University will not pay for local hotel stays by employees

o   COO must  pre-approve all international travel

§  In general, international travel by staff is prohibited

o   Meal reimbursement during travel is limited based on GSA per diems

§  Travelers will be reimbursed for their meal receipt or the GSA rate, whichever is lower

o   By January 1st, new airfare, hotel and car rental booking procedures will be in place

§  Details to be discussed at a later date


University Credit Cards

o   Only university credit cards for areas that travel frequently will be allowed (Admissions, Athletics, Institutional Advancement, Upward Bound, University and Law Library, etc)

o   Travel advances are available to faculty & staff to cover airfare and hotel booking costs



o   The University will not pay for departmental holiday parties 

o   The University will not pay for individual retirement parties  

§  The University will hold an annual retirement event   

§  Individual retirement parties/recognition will be decided by the COO



o   Catering of on-campus and off-campus events, functions or meetings will be restricted to the following events

§  Events limited to fundraising, student recruitment, student retention and University graduation events 

·         In general, these events will be held by: Enrollment Management, Institutional Advancement, Board of Trustees, the President’s Office and executive search committees

o   Catering will not be allowed at staff or faculty departmental meetings or for normal daily business meetings between faculty and staff of the university 

§  Catering for meetings exceeding 6 hours will be allowed

o   Catering for departmental holiday/social gatherings or celebrations is prohibited 

o   Prior approval by the Purchasing Department for all catering events is required




o   Personal gifts are not an allowable University expenditure from any type of University Fund (e.g. operating budget, restricted, research, etc.)

§  Birthday gifts, wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts to charitable organizations, cakes, greeting cards, flowers, etc. are all considered to be personal expenditures and should be paid for with personal funds.

o   This policy does not affect the current HR retirement gift policy, nor flower policy for hospitalized employees


Office Supplies

o   Purchase of breakroom and food & beverage supplies are prohibited

o   Purchase of over-the-counter medicine is prohibited

o   The University has moved toward private label branded office supplies, wherever possible 

§  This includes toner cartridges

o   Amazon          

§  Amazon is no longer an office supplier

§  Amazon will still be utilized for books and instructional supplies

o   Staples

§  Order minimum has been reduced to $35



o   A standard maximum rate of $500 for honoraria has been established for visiting guest speakers



Cell Phones 

o   All monthly cell phone plan services are prohibited, except Only cell phones/data cards for emergency departmental services, such as Counseling and Child Care, 

o   Additional cell phone charges incurred during international travel will be reimbursed 

§  Charges must be clearly separated and detailed on the cell phone statement




These policies apply to all university funds, which include all operating and non-operating revenues of the university

Any exception to policy must be pre-approved by the COO.


Edited: 4/27/18