America To Go FAQ



Placing & Submitting a Custom Order


The America To Go (ATG) System offers a simple way to process orders that cannot be placed directly from a Caterer’s online ATG menu.  A Custom Order could be a full-service catered event or just a special menu  or pricing not available on the Caterer’s regular menu.


Step One:  Finalize and approve the order details with the caterer.  Make sure that all charges are listed on the quote. Then you or the caterer can send the final invoice to:


Step Two: Once ATG receives the invoice, they will upload to the system and you will be sent an automated email alerting you that your order is ready to submit.  There will be simple step by step instructions in the email (almost the same as placing a regular order).


Step Three: Once the order is submitted in the system, it will be processed the same as a regular order. The caterer will receive a copy of the order, confirm that the ATG invoice is correct and you will receive a confirmation email. Then the process will be complete.


Note that you or the caterer should send the quote to customer service after all details have been finalized (number of guests, all charges etc). It is acceptable to send the quote right after the event. For timely payment to the Caterer it is important to submit orders at least 1 business day before the end of month if possible.



Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering on America To Go


1.     How do I register with America To Go?

Send an email to Sandra Pierre-Kazi requesting access to the system.  If you are not the budget manager for your department, copy him or her on the email request to Sandra.

2.     What if the caterer or restaurant I want is not on America To Go?

If you have a favorite restaurant or caterer that you do not see on the list, contact Vivian Bordon ( at America To Go.  She will look into adding them to the program as soon as possible and will keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you have an order to place, please use an existing Loyola/America To Go vendor. This will reward vendors that replied to Loyola early and will encourage others to quickly join the program.

3.     Can I place last minute orders?

Yes, but it depends on the vendor.

Many vendors can turn around an ASAP order.  Others may require more notice. America To Go lists this information on each Vendor’s Information Page so you know before you place your order.

If you are ever in doubt, call America To Go. They will verify that the vendor is able to accommodate your ASAP order or will find a different vendor that can.

4.     How do I order a custom item, place a custom order, or put together a customized event?

Contact the vendor or America To Go with the item or event information. Once item or event information is finalized, you will be notified that it is available on America To Go.  Once you are notified, log-in to America To Go, and place your custom order.

5.     How long after my order is placed will it take for America To Go to receive and process my order?

As soon as you submit your order, it will be sent to the vendor. Once the vendor confirms your order, you will receive a confirmation email from America To Go Customer Service (

To check the status of an order, you can check under My Orders or contact America To Go.

6.          Can I pay with my credit card?

No. All orders through Loyola will be invoiced and paid electronically.  The use of this system for external catering/food delivery is mandatory.  Personal payments will not be reimbursed and paying with a vendor outside of this system with a University credit card is a violation of policy.

7.     I already placed my order. Can I change the order?

Most vendors will accept change requests 24-hours before delivery. Under My Orders, select Edit for the order you wish to change, enter the requested changes and check out to submit your revised order. Once the vendor confirms your changes, you will receive an updated confirmation email from America To Go.

To make changes within 24-hours, contact America To Go. They will check with the vendor if the changes are acceptable and will update your order accordingly. 

8.     How do I cancel an order?

To cancel your order, contact America to Go.  America To Go will contact the vendor to verify the cancellation and send you a cancellation email for your records.

Note - Each vendor has its own cancellation policy, which is posted on their Vendor Information Page. Charges may apply for some cancellations.     

9.     How will gratuities be handled?

15% gratuity is the default and there is a $50 maximum cap.  You may select a lower/higher percentage than 15% but it is capped at 20%/$50.

10.     What do I do if my order is not correct when it gets here?

Call America To Go immediately. They will contact the vendor ASAP and ensure that the vendor corrects the error, and, if necessary, adjusts the invoice.  If the vendor is unable to correct the order promptly, America To Go will help find a vendor that can meet your needs.

11.     What process was used to select the caterers currently listed on America To Go?

Loyola sent America To Go a list of restaurants and caterers that we had worked with in the past. America To Go contacted those vendors on behalf of Loyola and visited them to discuss the program. Those vendors that agreed to all the terms and met all of the requirements were included in the program.

12.     Are all of the caterers listed approved to serve alcohol?

America To Go does not list alcohol on its site. If you are organizing a custom event and would like America To Go to check if a vendor has a liquor license and meets Loyola's standard, please contact America To Go.  Please note that you must receive permission from the Provost's Office prior to any purchase of alcohol for an event.

13.     Do all of the suppliers know that the correct tax exemption status at Loyola?

Yes. The tax status is automatically programmed into the America To Go system.

14.     Are the vendors required to pay America To Go to become part of Loyola’s network?

There is no cost to caterers or restaurants to join the program. Participating vendors pay only based on the orders that they receive. 

15.  What is the minimum dollar amount required to place an order?

Each caterer or restaurant sets its minimum order size.  Some may have no minimum.  Others, particularly caterers, may have minimums of well over $100.  Information on order minimums can be found in several places:


·      There is a minimum order filter once you have selected your date/time and location.

·      When scrolling over the list of available restaurants, minimum order amounts will appear on the pop-up window for each vendor.

·      Each Vendor’s Information Page will display any minimum order amounts.

·      As you place an order, the vendor’s minimum will appear in parenthesis beside the order total


16.          Can I override the minimum on a vendor’s menu?

Yes, but it depends on the vendor.  Contact America To Go. They will contact the vendor and ask if a minimum can be removed so you can process your order. Please note that minimums are set at the vendor’s discretion and therefore, cannot always be overridden.


17.  We negotiated a special Loyola Discount with a supplier on the America To Go network. Will that discount still be honored?


America To Go and Loyola strongly encourage vendors to continue to offer a Loyola Discount where applicable. However, this is ultimately at each vendor’s discretion.

18.   How can I be assured that a vendor is not overcharging us for menu items?

Vendors contractually agree not to mark-up prices. When a caterer or restaurant agrees to join the program, they submit a copy of their menu. This is the same menu and pricing you would receive if you picked up the phone to place an order.

America To Go also periodically checks vendors’ menus. Finally, Loyola customers can alert America To Go if they find discrepancies.  If you find that the pricing is not consistent, please use the “Provide Feedback” feature on the site to alert America To Go. They will follow-up with the vendor to ensure pricing is correct.

19.  Does America To Go have a minimum volume requirement before a vendor can be added to the program?

No. There is no minimum volume requirement to join the program.

20.  Do all vendors charge a delivery fee?

No. Each caterer or restaurant determines if and how it wants to charge for delivery. Some may charge a small fee on all orders. Some may only charge to travel to certain locations.  Others may not charge a fee at all. Detailed delivery information is listed on each Vendor’s Information Page so you can find out before you order.

21.  Do all vendors charge set-up fees?

No.  Each vendor decides whether to charge a set-up fee.  If there is a set-up fee, the vendor should clearly display the set-up fee in the order text before the order is placed.

22.  Can someone help me plan an event or larger catering order?

Yes. Contact America To Go, and they will put you in touch with a dedicated Account Manager who can help you select a caterer that meets your needs and fits your budget. Once the details of your event are finalized, America To Go will work with the vendor to make sure it is entered and invoiced properly through LOYNO.

23.  Can I make special requests on my order?

Yes. Every item on an America To Go menu includes the option to “Add Special Instructions.” This feature allows you to customize your order the way you like: put dressing on the side, hold the onions, etc.

24.  After I place my order, may I contact the vendor directly or do I need to go through America To Go?

While you can call a vendor directly, we strongly encourage you to direct all questions to America To Go first. The Customer Care team handles all inquiries, before and after you place your order, including menu questions, delivery issues and changes to existing orders. This ensures that you, America To Go and the vendor have the most up-to-date information regarding your order, ensuring that your order arrives properly and that it is invoiced correctly.

If you contact a vendor directly and changes are made verbally, there is a significantly higher risk of an error in your order or on the invoice.

26.    What do I do if the America To Go site is unavailable?

Please call America To Go to place your order.  America To Go will coordinate with the vendor to ensure your order is delivered on-time and will help you process the order once service is restored.

27.  How do I reach America To Go’s Customer Care?

Customer Care is available 24/7 at 866.ATG.TOGO and

28. Can I still order food from restaurants without using America To Go?

No, America To Go is the exclusive platform for ordering food or placing external catering orders.  You are more than welcome to use Sodexo, Loyola's on-campus caterer, for orders as well.