Student Mailing Guidelines

Student Mail     

Loyola University New Orleans Post OfficeResident students on the main campus are served by the Loyola University Post Office located in the Danna Center. Stamps are available for purchase and students are able to send packages and mail off from this location. Resident students on the Broadway Campus have mailboxes located in the Broadway Activities Center. 

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Mailbox Assignments

Campus mailboxes are available to all students who reside in university housing. Assignments are made by the Danna Center Post Office. New students arriving in the Fall semester should come to the Post Office to pick up their mailbox assignments. Students who are having problems with an assigned mailbox (i.e. trouble opening it) should contact James Luwisch either by coming to the Post Office or e-mailing him at from your account. (back to top)

Address Format

All items sent to students should be clearly and legibly addressed as follows:


Buddig Hall 
100 LaSalle Court #
New Orleans, LA
Biever Hall
200 LaSalle Court #
New Orleans, LA
Carrollton Hall
300 LaSalle Court #
New Orleans, LA


Cabra Hall #
7214 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA

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Student Mail Delivery

Student letters and periodicals are delivered daily by the US Postal Service. This mail is sorted and placed into the mailboxes throughout the business day. Please be patient as sorting and boxing of the mail takes time due to the large quantity we receive every day. All correctly addressed mail will be in the Main Campus mailboxes by 4pm and the Broadway Campus by 11:45 am. It is the box holder’s responsibility to confirm that all entities corresponding to them by mail are using the correct address format. Your correct name and mailbox must appear on all items sent to you. First class mail incorrectly addressed will be subject to delay or returned to the sender for address correction.
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Student Magazine Subscription Delivery

Magazines must have your correct mailbox number appear in the address section. It is the box holders’ responsibility to confirm with the publisher or subscription service that the complete address appears on the magazine. Magazines without a mailbox number will be subject to delay and may be returned to the sender for address correction. All mail must be addressed to the student box holder’s name only.
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Misdelivered Mail and Packages

If you receive mail in your mailbox that was incorrectly slotted or a package that was erroneously released to you, please return it to Danna Center Post Office immediately. DO NOT OPEN IT. This is a FELONY OFFENSE! Students are responsible for immediately returning to the Post Office any items (letters and packages) you receive in error or which are not addressed to you.
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Package Delivery & Pickup

The Danna Center Post Office receives mail from the United States Postal Service ONLY. Because we are a contract station to the USPS, it is illegal for us to handle mail sent through private carriers (Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.); these packages are handled by the Office of Residential Life. When the Post Office receives a package for a student, it is written up and a notification slip is placed in the student’s mailbox, with a few exceptions. Phone calls and/or emails will be sent out for Express Mail letters/packages and for packages that are marked as containing perishable or medicinal items. The notification slip and the student’s ID MUST be presented by the student in order to pick up all packages that require a notification slip.  Please note: Delivery times by the USPS are not entirely accurate and, therefore, we may not have received packages at the times listed on the USPS website. (back to top)

Getting Your Packages To Your Residence Hall Room

Hand trucks are available to Loyola students to borrow from the Danna Center Post Office. In order to borrow a hand truck, the student is required to leave an approved form of collateral to insure the prompt return of the equipment. The following are the ONLY approved forms of collateral:

  • Express Card (Loyola ID)
  • Valid Driver’s License or State ID
  • Cell Phone (If leaving a cell phone the student must also leave their name and mailbox number)

Hand trucks should be returned as soon as possible. Hand trucks not returned in a timely manner will be subject to a charge for the value of the equipment to the student’s account. (back to top)

Damaged Packages

If the Danna Center Post Office receives a package that appears to be damaged and is marked as such, it will be returned to the USPS for proper handling. This will result in the delay of receipt of the package, but it is for security reasons. If you discover additional internal damage or missing contents, the student must report this to the Danna Center Post Office immediately so that we may assist the student in filing a claim. The student should not discard any packaging until told otherwise, as the USPS may wish to inspect the item.
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Package Inquiry/Lost Package Tracers

If there appears to be a problem, please have the tracking number information available before asking for assistance.
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Incorrect Address and Missing Box Number Items

Items received with a missing or incorrect mailbox number will be subject to delays in processing. Properly addressed items will get first priority and incorrectly addressed items may not be ready until late in the day or the following day depending on volume. Please click here for proper addressing information.   (back to top)

Unidentified Recipient Items

The Danna Center Post Office often receives items with an unknown name and no mailbox number; many times, it is the name of a parent or person ordering merchandise for a student. Items received with an unknown recipient will be logged in based on the information on the package, these items will be held for 7 to 10 working days before being returned to the sender. To claim an item, please have as much information as you can about an item, such as tracking number and name of sender.

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Emergency Package Pickup Authorization

If, for any reason, you are unable to pick up a package due to illness or emergency, you can designate another student to pick up the item for you. Please send an e-mail to Joe Porter at, Regina Kendall at, or James Luwisch at with your name and mailbox number and the name of the person you are authorizing to pick up your item.  (back to top)

Student Mail Forwarding

If you leave Loyola University or relocate to an off campus residence, it is your responsibility to inform the Danna Center Post Office of your new address. Please complete a Mail Forwarding Card and return it to the Post Office. We will forward all mail and packages as per USPS regulations. We cannot forward mail to an international address. Domestic addresses only.

Be sure to inform all parties that send you mail of your new address as soon as possible.  Be sure to update your address with all online retailers (Amazon, e-bay, etc.) that you frequently use. This also applies to magazine subscriptions. (back to top)

Summer Forwarding

Mail Services will forward mail during the summer for all students away from Loyola University.  Please complete the Change of Address card with your summer forwarding information and future status.  Summer forwarding begins about a week after final exams. If your forwarding address is international, your mail will be held during the summer and available when you return for the fall semester.  (back to top)

Outbound Mail & Shipping

Retail US Mail services are available from the contract Post Office located in Loyola University's Danna Center, or you may use "Click and Ship" available at The Post Office only accepts cash, with the exception of checks from Loyola University students, faculty, and staff. Mail is picked up from this location, once a day, at 4 pm.  (back to top)