loyola university stamps

Welcome to the Post Office

The Danna Center Post Office is a contract station to the United States Postal Service and, therefore, follows the shipping guidelines of the USPS. Domestic packages cannot weigh more than 70 lbs. or measure more than 108 inches length and girth combined. Larger packages can result in a surcharge or may not be accepted at all by the USPS. The customer’s parcel must already be packaged and addressed when brought to the Danna Center Post Office. We provide Flat-Rate Priority Mail envelopes and boxes, as well as Flat-Rate Express Mail envelopes and boxes. We also sell pre-stamped envelopes, but we do not provide manila envelopes or padded envelopes. Those can be purchased through the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, also located on the first floor of the Danna Center. Learn more about our Campus Mailing Guidelines »