Survivor Support Services

Survivor Supportive Services Coordinator

The Survivor Support Services Coordinator is a staff member specially trained to assist students after sexual assault. They will meet with students impacted by sexual assault to discuss options available and to help them navigate those options. Through ongoing meetings, phone calls, and E-mails, the SSSC will provide guidance and assistance through every step of the process or until the student discontinues services. The SSSC acts only as a support in a time of crisis – they never make decisions or report the assault on behalf of the survivor.

Students who would like to meet with the SSSC should call the UCC at (504) 865-3835 to schedule an appointment.

Sexual Assault Response Training

Sexual Assault Response Training is a new initiative to help Loyola students, faculty, and staff become more aware about sexual assault and how to respond when someone discloses to them. SAR is divided into three modules, each with a specific focus:

Compassionate Responder: Listen, believe, respond, connect: how to respond when someone discloses that they are a survivor of sexual assault. This module includes facts about sexual assault, development of active listening skills, helpful ways to listen and respond when someone discloses to you, and information about resources both on and off campus you can connect the survivor with. This module includes practice with listening to disclosures and using empathic listening skills.

Active Upstander: Going beyond the “active bystander”, this training module includes practical discussions of risky situations and how individuals can act as active upstanders to intervene. This module includes demonstrations, practice, and tips about how to handle resistance when intervening.

Change Agent: This module includes examples of rape culture and how individuals can work to change the culture. Active discussions about rape culture and examples of how to intervene when one sees rape culture being perpetuated are included in this module. This also includes demonstrations, practice, and tips about how to handle resistance when standing up to rape culture.
Consent 101:  This module is a 50 minute session designed to be given in the First Year Seminars to educate students on consent and resources on campus.

With the exception of Consent 101, each module takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and participants will be provided with documentation of participation. If you are interested in SAR training, please contact the UCC at (504) 865-3835.