Statement from Director/Chief of Public Safety Patrick Bailey

Photo Credit: The Maroon

Loyola University New Orleans has always and will continue to welcome all commissioned police officers including those with federal and state agencies, parishes, cities and other local law enforcement departments. It is the general policy of the university to welcome and trust those officers who arrive on our campus in their respective department uniforms and are visibly armed. In addition, we recognize many police officers and law enforcement agents who carry out their honorable duties in plain clothes and who are armed. In uniform or in plain clothes, many officers assist Loyola's own university police department in preventing and solving crime.

We also know that there are several officers from a variety of multijurisdictional agencies who may be off-duty in uniform or in plain clothes attending classes as either teachers, students, or guests and do carry their firearms.

All law enforcement officers are trained and entrusted by Louisiana State law and bound by their department policies to always be able to protect and serve 24-7-365, no matter where they are or what they wear. As the Director/Chief of Public Safety for Loyola, it brings me great comfort to know that I too can rely on these dedicated police officers as valuable resources in keeping our campus safe.

I encourage all community members to spread the word regarding the university's continued practice of accepting these noble and “extra” law enforcement officers on our campus and to trust and thank them for their willingness to serve both on and off-duty.

Loyola has a strong track record supporting armed forces and law enforcement agencies and officers. Our alumni are leaders in command positions throughout varied branches of armed forces and law enforcement. Moreover, Loyola University New Orleans is a Yellow Ribbon School and proud home to a number of student military veterans and alumni.

We are grateful for all these members of our community and the leadership, skills, talent and experience they bring to Loyola and to the community-at-large. Together with their families, they make or have made great sacrifices to protect us and our many rights and freedoms.