Safety Escorts

24-hour Safety Escorts

On-campus dial: 3434, Off-campus dial: (504) 865-3434
Available to all Loyola community members, the Department provides a 24-hour / 7 days a week safety escort service to anywhere on both campuses, and to the public streets adjacent to those campuses.
Safety escorts are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Officers in the University Police Department provide this service. This escort may be done by a police officer in a vehicle, on bike patrol or on foot patrol. However, response time may depend upon officer availability. University police offers this safety escort service if the caller does not feel safe traveling to his/her destination (e.g. a male/female exiting the Monroe Library at 2:00am and does not feel safe and requests an escort to his/her car or to a residence hall).

This safety escort service will take you to any location on Loyola's two campuses or to your residence or vehicle within the immediate university police jurisdiction (city streets that are within or contiguous to the perimeter of our two campuses). This service is provided for safety reasons only. We ask that you not call for an escort for use as a "taxi" service or for personal convenience (e.g. inclement weather). University Police shuttle service, when operating, can help with rides between the two campuses. See (Shuttle Service Schedule) for times and pickup locations.

Escorts: 2010 (758); 2011 (738); 2012 (353)*

*Escorts for 2012 are low due to the closing of Cabra Hall on the Broadway campus during renovation.