Crime Prevention Programs

All university police officers are empowered to educate our community members toward reducing the opportunities for crime. LUPD administers several crime prevention education seminars throughout the year. The Chief and Captain begin with crime prevention education programs for parents and incoming students at the annual President’s open house and at several orientations each semester including new employee orientations. In addition, both the crime prevention police Lieutenant and university police officers frequently hold safety talks for students, faculty, and staff.

A Crime Prevention Officer holds several crime prevention programs throughout the academic year:

  • Residential Life Staff and Resident Assistants (August/January)
  • Fire safety in residence halls per floor assistant (August/October)
  • Provide at least four Rape Aggression Self-Defense courses for Loyola community members and at least one for off campus citizens each year.
  • Attend weekly ComStat meetings with NOPD 2nd District Captain and detectives to analyze crime rates in the university area.
  • Perform a formal and overall survey safety survey of our campuses along with Physical Plant in the Fall and Spring semesters (August and January).
  • Oversee the checking of all 911 blue light call boxes and light outages across both campuses.
  • Speak to the 3 year olds in our Whelan Daycare Center (officer friendly) regarding safety.
  • Provide welcoming LUPD information to parents and accepted first year students at the annual President’s Open House fair.
  • Conduct residential floor meetings regarding Mardi Gras safety tips
  • Distribute several Be On the Lookout (BOLO) crime alerts to the university community via e-mails.
  • Distribute summer safety tips across campus via brochures and e-mail
  • Assist with the coordination of "Take Back the Night" march/rally along with Loyola's Career and Counseling Center
  • Contact Loyola's victims of crime within 48 hours of the reported offense for both on and off campus incidents
  • Conduct brief safety/security orientations each semester with incoming freshman and transfer students including international, evening studies and summer bridge students regarding what LUPD offers and how to keep safe.
  • Coordinates the department’s Adopt-A-Bike Program - Unsecured and unregistered bicycles found on campus are adopted by University Police and brought to the department for safe keeping.
  • Rave Guardian

University Police Officers make a concentrated effort to reduce the risk of crime and keep our campuses safe. Finding security breeches across the two campuses and issuing “Security Deficiency Reports” are another way to encourage community members to stay alert to security risks. Deficiency notices help community members understand that security is everyone's shared responsibility and that we are all responsible for a safe and secure campus.