Campus Demonstration Guidelines

Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are encouraged and supported at Loyola University New Orleans. Implicit in these freedoms and with regard for the common purposes of the institution is the right to dissent and demonstrate in a peaceful and non-disruptive manner.

Most importantly, those who enjoy these freedoms must also accept responsibility for order and discipline. While Loyola seeks to ensure the right to peaceful and non-disruptive dissent to all the members of its academic community, it cannot and will not permit any actions or activities which are disruptive of the academic/educational process and/or its normal operations.



Campus demonstrations and/or protests must be sponsored by a recognized Loyola group or organization and the sponsoring group/organization must notify the Vice President of Student Affairs or designee of plans to demonstrate on campus.

For the purpose of these Guidelines, "demonstration" or “protest” means an event requiring the presence of one or more persons in a University location with the intent to express a particular point of view in a manner that attracts attention, as in rallies, sit-ins, vigils, or similar forms of expression.

Campus Demonstration Registration Forms are available through the Office of Co-Curricular Programs. Groups may reserve quads and rooms for a demonstration; however, the use of space is subject to the VPSA’s judgment about the appropriateness of the location for the planned event, availability, applicable usage fees and associated charges. Registration forms must be returned to the Office of Co-Curricular Programs a minimum of three business days prior to the event.

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Response and Preparation to a Campus or Student Sponsored Event:

All campus protests, demonstrations, and/or similar forms of expression or conduct taking place on campus must be registered with the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) or designee in advance of the activities taking place so that VPSA can take the following steps:

  1. The Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) will convene a preliminary meeting of all key stakeholders involved in participating, coordinating, or sponsoring the event to determine an appropriate time and location for the event and what steps are necessary to ensure adequate safety. This meeting may include members from the Loyola University Police Department (LUPD), student affairs staff, faculty, surrounding community, staff, and students.
  2. Additional preparation meetings to review campus demonstration procedures and other details may be held prior to the event.
  3. Additional assignments may be delegated by the VPSA to ensure adequate safety, preparation, and/or education of others.

General Conduct:

Loyola sponsored events and outside groups must abide by the conduct regulations of the University as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct and other institutional policies. Those who are not affiliated with the University must at all times conduct themselves as guests. Groups or participants failing to comply with University policies may face immediate removal from the campus and/or other appropriate actions by University officials and University police.

Access to Buildings/Rooms:

Access to buildings/rooms is only approved via the Campus Demonstration Registration process (see Notification above) and is at the discretion of the Office of Co-Curricular Programs. If approval is granted, participants of campus demonstrations may enter approved campus buildings for the purpose of conducting orderly and peaceful demonstrations. Participants may stand or sit in the hallways, but may not:

  • Enter or occupy rooms or offices without permission;
  • Obstruct or restrict the free movement of persons;
  • Block hallways, doorways, stairs or exits of University facilities;
  • Use appliances/equipment that require the use of electrical and telephone outlets. Participants may be present in buildings only during normal hours of operation. The opening and closing times of buildings may be obtained from LUPD. LUPD will ask everyone to leave the building at closing time. Failure to do so may result in removal from the building or other appropriate actions as determined by University officials.

In no event will protests or demonstrations be allowed in the following buildings or rooms:

  • Residence halls; or
  • Private offices, research laboratories and associated facilities, and computer centers; or
  • Offices, libraries, and other facilities that normally contain valuable or sensitive materials, collections, equipment, records protected by law or by existing University policy such as educational records, student-related or personnel-related records, or financial records; or
  • Classrooms, seminar rooms, auditoriums or meeting rooms in which classes or private meetings are being held or are immediately scheduled; or
  • Emergency facilities, communication systems, utilities, or other facilities or services vital to the continued functioning of the University.


Sound associated with the demonstration must be reasonable and shall not interfere with classes, residence halls, or business offices. The use of loudspeakers or other amplifying sound equipment is restricted to outdoor demonstrations and can only be used Monday, Wednesday and Friday Noon to 1:00 pm and 4:00 to 7:00 pm; Tuesday and Thursday Noon to 1:45 pm and 4:00 to 7:00pm.


Placards used by participants must be made of poster board or of other similar material, but not out of material of a hard substance. Placards may be carried or worn on the person, but not tacked, or nailed to trees or buildings nor within buildings.

Literature/Printed Materials:

Literature or other printed materials cannot be forced upon others or distributed in a manner that will obstruct the free flow of traffic. Literature or other printed materials may not be scattered on the ground or left unattended on university benches, tables, sidewalks or building entrances.

Care of Property:

In addition to restrictions on the use of placards (see above), reasonable care must be taken to reduce damage to the property of others and University property, including lawns. All trash and any literature/printed materials must be collected and placed in refuse/recycling containers; failure to do so will result in denial of future privileges.

Individuals or groups violate these Guidelines if:

  1. They interfere unreasonably with the activities of other persons, the educational process or the operations of the University. The time of day, size, noise level, and general tenor of a meeting, event or demonstration are factors that may be considered in determining whether conduct is reasonable;
  2. They cause injury to persons or property or threaten to cause such injury;
  3. They hold meetings, events or demonstrations under circumstances where health or safety is endangered; or
  4. They knowingly interfere with unimpeded movement in a University location; or
  5. They continue to engage in conduct after the VPSA or delegate has declared that the conduct is in violation of the Guidelines and has instructed the participants to modify or terminate their behavior.