Exit Interview

Perkins Student Loan borrowers who are graduating, withdrawing from the university, or dropping below half time enrollment are required to complete an Exit Interview. The Perkins loan is separate and apart from the Federal Stafford loans and Federal Direct loans, and an Exit Interview is required for all federal loans.  Exit interviews provide a complete explanation of repayment, deferment, and cancellation privileges.

There will be a hold on all educational records (i.e. diploma, transcripts, etc) until the exit interview is completed.

To complete the exit interview for your Federal Perkins Loan, your will need your PIN to login into your Perkins loan account.  If you don't have your PIN, please contact the Perkins Loan office at (504) 865-2678 or email us at perkins@loyno.edu or stop by our office in Thomas Hall Room 406.  Once you have your PIN, you may proceed to the online exit interview. 

  1. Log in to ECSI’s website at  https://borrower.ecsi.net/
  2. In the Log in box, enter School Code of M6
  3. Enter your Social Security Number as your account number
  4. Enter your PIN that you should have received from the Perkins Loan Office
  5. Click on the Exit Interview link
  6. From the list of Pending Exit Interviews, select the appropriate exit to complete and follow the instructions provided
  7. You must provide either a driver’s license number, a state issued ID number or a passport number
  8. You must provide complete reference information for yourself, next of kin and at least two additional references that are not at one of the previously listed addresses
  9. Be sure to complete the process by electronically signing the document

If you have any questions about your Federal Perkins Loan or the Exit Interview process, please contact the Perkins Loan Office at 504-865-2678 or by email at perkins@loyno.edu.  Please note that this exit counseling is compulsory and your diploma and transcripts will be held until is has been completed. 


  1. The Perkins Loan is separate and apart from the Federal Stafford Loans and the Federal Direct Loans.  If you borrowed from either of these other federal programs, you will be required to complete their Exit Interview as well, which is also available online.  Please see the Office Of Scholarships and Financial Aid’s website for more details at  http://www.loyno.edu/financialaid/.
  2. Unlike the Stafford and Direct Loans where the repayments are made to a lender, the Perkins Loans are repaid to Loyola University through its billing agency, Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) and monthly payments and/or confirmation of eligible deferments should be mailed to:
    Loyola University New Orleans
    c/o Educational Computer Systems, Inc.
    181 Montour Run Road
    Coraopolis, PA  15108-9408
  3. Visit  http://www.ecsi.net/  for access to your Perkins Loan account, repayment options, downloadable forms, address changes, even links to the federal regulations.

If you need further assistance, ECSI’s toll free phone number is 1-888-549-3274.