Do I have a Federal Perkins Student Loan?

Federal Perkins Student Loans are need-based, usually smaller loans awarded in addition to your Federal Subsized Direct and Unsubsized Direct Loans.  If you have been awarded a Federal Perkins Student Loan, you should know some important facts:

How do I know if I have a Federal Perkins Student Loan -

Perkins loans are federal loans, but are disbursed and collected by your school.  This is a federal program that is no longer receiving federal funds but is sustainable from the repayments of previous borrowers.  Your repayment provides lending to current students who are in need of extra loans.  You're helping yourself (and your credit score) and other students by repaying your Perkins loan!

Loyola staff are here to help with your questions about Perkins Loans.  And although we will not sell or transfer your Perkins loan, your loan will be serviced by a billing service - ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc).  The numerous services provided by ECSI include many functions to assist us in providing the best customer service to you.  Electronic promissory notes, entrance and exit interviews, account inquiry, address changes, entitlement forms and automatic recurring payments are just some of the features they provide to you, the borrower. 

Please be assured that you may contact us directly with any questions about your Perkins Loan: