Student Employment

Student assistant positions are recruited through the hiring departments. Find out about need-based federally funded employment through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Student Assistant - Office of the President

Summary of Position: Responsible for general clerical duties as assigned by supervisors such as filing, copying, campus errands, data entry and assigned projects for general upkeep and maintenance of office.

Reports to:  Administrative Assistant and/or Executive Assistant to the President

Job Duties:

• Copies
• Fax
• Prepare outgoing mailings
• Typing, filing, computer processing
• Deliver/pick up/ sort incoming mail
• Cleaning/sorting/labeling
• Answer telephone, transfer calls, take accurate messages
• Campus errands as needed
• Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor

Job Requirements:

• Mature, responsible, dependable individual/punctual
• Must have good communication skills
• Demonstrate a pleasant and willing attitude
• Polite, neat and well-groomed
• Adhere to office policies

Physical Requirements:  Physical ability to do essential functions with or without assistance.

Expectations of Student Assistant

1.  Professionalism
a. You are the first contact a student, faculty, staff, or outside person makes with our office so it is imperative that you dress appropriately.  Clothing revealing your back, stomach, cleavage or underwear is not allowed.  Always be courteous and professional with everyone. 

2.   Attendance Policy
a. You are expected to be punctual for your scheduled work time.  If you know you are going to be late/absent, please call/text your supervisor as soon as possible; it is always appreciated when you inform the office.

b. Daily Time Report sheets are kept in the work-study binder, sign in and out each time you work.  Sign in and out for the actual time you arrive and depart, not for times expected. At the end of the two week work period you will need to fill out a timesheet and turn into Administrative Assistant.

3.    Computer Usage
a. The primary use of the computer is for work related projects.  However, if you have completed all of your work assigned in the Office of the President and verified that with your supervisor, you may use the computer for personal use.  No instant messaging allowed!  Computers are to check e-mail, type papers and research for class.  Abuse of this privilege will result in it being lost for all student workers.  

4. Homework
a. During slow times, you may study at the desk, but please ensure that study material does not dominate the work area, and if you are needed for a task, your homework must be put aside.

5. Cleanliness
a. All student workers are expected to respect the office environment by keeping their work area clean. 

6. Personal Calls / Cell Phone Usage / Ipod or MP3 player
a. Office of the President will abide by Human Resources Work-Study policy of no cell phone usage.  During work hours, cell phones should be turned off or on silent.  If a family member or friend needs to reach a student during working hours, they can call the Office of the President directly at 504-865-3847. 
b. Ipods, MP3 players or headphones/ear buds cannot be used during working hours in the Office of the President.

7. Visitors
a. It is understandable that friends my stop by periodically to speak with student workers, however, this is a working environment with confidential matters, therefore conversations should be kept brief and visits to a minimum.

Salary: $7.50/hr
Hours: Minimum of 3 hours daily (Preferably 9-12p.m. or 10-1p.m.