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Administrative Assistant III - College of Music & Fine Arts

The Administrative Assistant III for Music Industry Studies will assist the Chair of the Department in respect to the following areas: fundraising, marketing, data management (alumni, parents, mailing lists), and program development. This position also involves assisting the Chair with correspondence, reports, and other administrative duties as directed.  This is a temporary position.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree; 2 years previous administrative experience; proficient in Microsoft Office; advanced knowledge of Excel is required; presentation skills are essential; basic design software is required; the ability to create and post content on the Internet is essential; familiarity with web development is important to effectively meet all of the responsibilities of the position. Experience in an education setting is preferred.



Figure Model - College of Art & Design 

The Figure Model position for visual arts classes at Loyola University New Orleans is an occasional, part-time position. Models will be hired primarily for painting and drawing classes, although it is possible that sculpture or ceramics classes might also require their services at some time.

Qualifications: Some prior academic figure modeling experience is preferred. Both male and female models are eligible to apply; figure models must be punctual and must maintain a professional demeanor. Persons hired as figure models must be able to hold poses as long as one half an hour and should have a repertoire of short gesture poses with which they are already familiar.



Office Manager - University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center Office Manager is responsible for the scheduling of client and staff appointments, maintaining up-to-date confidential counseling files, and entering statistical data summaries of counselor activities for two independent, co-related student services centers. This position provides full administrative support for the University Counseling Center (UCC) and the Career Development Center (CDC), maintains and secures the client electronic information database and other integrated programs, assists in maintaining the Counseling Centers’ website, provides general office assistance, supervises student employees, and ensures accurate recording of budget transactions.

Qualifications: High school diploma or GED required, Bachelor’s degree preferred; must have at least one year of experience as a receptionist or administrative assistant; work experience in a comparable setting preferred; excellent written communication skills including accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation; an understanding of and competency using MS Office including spreadsheet and database applications; excellent verbal communication skills required with strong interpersonal skills displaying the ability to interact sensitively to students, faculty, staff, employers, and all public contacts; a respect for and commitment to the maintenance and confidentiality of all Counseling Center documents.  



Technical Manager/Director - College of Music & Fine Arts

The Technical Manager/Director manages all aspects of operations for the performance facilities which are under the jurisdiction of the College of Music, including scheduling events in accordance with College and University policies, scheduling and supervision of technical staff, building/equipment/system maintenance and upgrades, budget administration, and notifications to the various support organizations within Loyola.  The Technical Manager/Director also schedules common spaces such as classrooms and ensemble rehearsal rooms that are under the control of the College of Music.

Qualifications: : Bachelor’s degree; strong computer skills with an emphasis on audio production and scheduling program applications; experience and skills in audio reinforcement, lighting systems, and audio recording; safe working knowledge of electrical circuit theory; experience with different types of projectors such as video display, slide, and overhead. Additional desirable qualifications: computer skills and experience with internet strategies; ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment; ability to handle stressful situations/interactions in a professional manner.

Physical requirements: The job requires long hours and the ability to work late at night as necessary. The job may also be physically demanding, as the movement of heavy sets and equipment is often necessary.


Director of Law Admissions - Law Dean

The Director of Law Admissions will work in conjunction with the Dean of the College of Law managing the day-to-day operations, recruitment efforts, reporting, and admissions processes of the Law Admissions Office.

Qualifications: Juris Doctor or Master’s Degree; excellent public relations skills; ability to do extensive traveling alone; excellent organizational skills; accounting skills; extensive computer skills including proficiency with MS Office and commonly used database software; extensive knowledge of ACES2 database and data reporting; excellent public speaking and writing skills; must possess and maintain a current valid driver’s license as a condition of employment and must also be able to successfully pass any driver background information investigation and any driver education courses required by Risk Management; must be able to work nights and weekends as necessary. Preferred qualifications include Juris Doctor degree; at least 3 years of experience working in Law Admissions; supervisory experience is desired.

Physical requirements: Must be able to lift heavy boxes; must have driver’s license and be able to drive long distances; must be able to travel to and navigate within new places; ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time.


Information Technology

Service Technician - Information Technology Client Services

The Service Technician is responsible for performing repairs and conducting routine maintenance on microcomputers and peripherals owned by the University.

Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED required; 3 to 5 years of experience in the repair of Apple and Intel compatible microcomputers and related peripherals; Apple and Dell computer support certifications; evidence of training in repair and maintenance of electronic equipment; responsible, positive, and professional demeanor desired with a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality control; ability to work directly with the public is necessary.

Physical requirements: Position requires a limited amount of lifting items such as printers, computers, etc.


Computer Infrastructure Specialist - Information Technology

Under general direction from the Assistant Director for Computing Infrastructure, provides field-level support for all core network equipment.  The Infrastructure Specialist installs, configures and monitors core network equipment.  Works with the Assistant Director for Computing Infrastructure, the Assistant Director For Network and Communications Services, and the Director of Computer and Network services in supporting the Network, Telephone, Mainframe, Unix/Linux and Windows servers.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree or equivalent certification/experience required.  Degree or certification in computer information management or computer science preferred; Experience in the use of all aspects of network gear to be used on a LAN including but not limited to routers, switches, hubs, WIFI gear, Firewalls, SPAM servers and packet shapers; Working knowledge of Mainframe, Unix and Windows operating systems required; Experience with installing and maintaining applications on Unix and Linux servers, including but not limited to, LDAP, security, file systems, Apache, MYSQL and other DBs, and Content management software; Working knowledge of Mainframe and Unix system software; Preference will be given to candidates who have a minimum of two years time in service with experience at the appropriate levels and/or demonstrated exceptional levels of productivity and achievement; Willingness to acquire an understanding of the Jesuit commitment to excellence in education, diversity of the student body, social service, and the liberal arts and sciences traditions; Ability to develop congenial and productive working relationships with Loyola administrators, faculty, staff and students; Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing; Able to lift and move computer equipment.


Physical Plant

There are no open positions at this time. 


University Police

Police Officer - LUPD

The Police Officer will perform law enforcement patrol duties and investigative work in protecting life, property, and assets of Loyola University. Execution of the duties enumerated in Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:1805, et seq. crime prevention and detection, and all other duties connected with law enforcement functions; enforcement of all local, state, and federal laws, and ordinances within the officer’s jurisdiction. 

Qualifications: High School Graduate or G.E.D.; preference given to those with college education and comparable experience; U.S. Citizen or Resident Alien; must have completed training mandated by the State of Louisiana under Revised Statute 17:1805 and any other applicable laws and/or regulations. Must have passed the P.O.S.T. examination given by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement Peace Officer Standards and Training Council and been awarded certification by that agency; able to qualify for and retain a commission for a University Police Officer issued under authority of the University Police Department. The Loyola University Police Department requires the completion of a detailed application, a criminal record check, and fingerprinting. The decision on issuance or non-issuance of this commission is final unless such denial is based upon incorrect information, which was not supplied by you; must possess a valid Louisiana Driver’s license, subject to approval by the University’s insurance company. University Police Officers are required to enforce the laws/rules and they are exposed to certain temptations to show favoritism, corruption, or unlawful monetary gain. It is a “business necessity” that officers exhibit a history and characteristics of honesty, integrity, reliability, ability to manage personal finances, interpersonal skills, and non-use of illegal drugs. University Police are frequently placed in a position of physical and mental stress.  Therefore, a history of mental or physical disability may be grounds for denying employment; or, these factors might be a consideration in the hiring process. Applicants and officers posing a substantial risk of injury to themselves, other officers, and the public are at a substantial disadvantage in the hiring process, and in retaining this position after employment; applicant may be required by the University Police Department to produce other documents to evaluate his/her suitability for the position. Shifts are usually rotated; officers may be involuntarily reassigned to any shift to meet the needs of the university; refusal of a shift change may result in termination; a University Police Officer must maintain a working telephone at his/her residence and immediately notify the University Police Department and Human Resources of any changes; failure to do so may result in termination. Beliefs basically supportive of and compatible with the principles of a Catholic, Jesuit higher education and the goals of Loyola University; must accept and adhere to the department’s mission statement, all pertinent regulations and general orders and all university policies and procedures. Mandatory overtime may be required to meet the needs of the department and/or the university; refusal of such overtime may result in termination. To maintain and improve general proficiency, mandatory training may be required; refusal or failure to attend or complete required training may result in termination.



There are no open positions at this time.