Human Resources Manual

Policy No.: 5-17 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: Cell/Phone/Wireless
Communication Device (WCD)
Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 10/19/16  Exempt staff
Revised:   Faculty

Purpose and Scope

This policy provides stipend guidelines for wireless communication device plans. Wireless communication device (WCD) is specified as cell phones, data card services, personal digital assistant (PDAs), BlackBerry devices, iPhones, smartphone devices, air cards, or other telecommunication devices that have voice and/or data capabilities with a monthly service. This policy does not apply to pagers or mobile radios.

This policy is applicable to all faculty and staff of the university as referenced in the specific procedures and guidelines outlined below.


The university will pay an annual stipend for a WCD for authorized employees whose business duties require frequent use of WCDs. The stipend levels are $600 ($50 per month) per year for data and voice and $360 ($30 per month) per year for voice only. The stipends are not stackable and will be paid annually via accounts payable checks. The WCD stipend is intended to reimburse the expense of service and equipment. The university will NOT be responsible for the purchase or maintenance of a WCD. The appropriate vice president or designee must authorize a stipend for a WCD. Authorizations will be reviewed annually, on a calendar year basis (1/1 – 12/31). (No increase in budget is allowed to fund this expenditure.) A stipend for a WCD may be authorized if the job function of the employee requires them to be accessible outside of scheduled or normal working hours as a part of their job description and/or often requires them to be away from his/her office during the day. This excludes employees on short-term projects. The WCD can be used for personal and business purposes; therefore, it should be understood that the stipend should cover a majority of the business expenses. This policy applies to all accounts at the university, regardless of funding source, and applies to all divisions, colleges, faculty, and staff.

Approval of WCD Stipend

Employees whose duties and responsibilities require them to carry a WCD may be eligible for a WCD stipend. WCD benefits may be requested using the Wireless Communication Device Stipend Request Form located at

Business and Review Requirements

The appropriate vice president or designee is responsible for an annual review of the business need for a WCD stipend to determine if the expense should be changed or discontinued. The annual review will occur before the close of the calendar year so that adjustments can be made for the new year. Internal Audit will conduct periodic reviews to ensure policy compliance.

If an employee is terminated, resigns, transfers, or is no longer eligible for a WCD stipend, the employee’s supervisor should submit a revised WCD Stipend Request Form noting “Discontinue plan as of DAY/MONTH/YEAR” in the business justification section of the form. The stipend will be prorated from January 1 to the termination date.

Note: Misuse of the phone, i.e., using it in ways inconsistent with university policy or with local, state, or federal laws, will result in immediate cancellation of the WCD stipend.