Accounts Payable

All invoices that are sent to the University for payment are received and processed through the Accounts Payable Department, a division of Financial Affairs. These invoices are paid either through the Accounts Payable process or by Check Request.

Invoices will be paid by the Accounts Payable Department if the purchase was processed through the Purchasing Department’s online requisition system. These invoices are typically for goods or services. In most cases, invoices will only be sent to the department for approval if the invoice total exceeds $1000.00. However, all service related invoices will be sent to the department for approval.

Check Requests
Check Requests are usually used for reimbursement type payments related to travel and entertainment, postage, and small supply purchases and purchases under $200. Information regarding valid check request purchases is located at the bottom of the check request form as well as on the Check Requests + Invoices page.

Check Requests can be picked up in the Financial Affairs office or printed online. When using the Check Request form please be sure to retain a copy for your records. Copies of the online forms will not be sent to departments after processing.

Larger purchases for items like office equipment, computers, etc., must be purchased through the on-line Purchasing System. Payments for service contracts for amounts in excess of $25,000 must be vetted through the Purchasing office prior to submission for payment so that Purchasing can determine whether payment should be made via check request or purchase order. If you have questions regarding the on-line purchasing system or need to schedule training, you can contact the Purchasing Department or visit their web page.

All payments that involve the execution of a contract are subject to Loyola's Contract Adminsitration Policy. This policy establishes the process for Loyola University New Orleans personnel to approve, sign and execute contracts committing the University to performance of any act.  Payments are also subject, when applicable, to the Vendor Contract Policy.  Information regarding this policy is located in the Policies and Procedures section of the Purchasing Department's website.

If requesting reimbursement for purchases through a check request and submitting 3 or more receipts, a miscellaneous expense statement should be submitted along with the check request. Only valid purchases are subject to reimbursement and all rules for the procurement of items via purchase orders and check requests apply. Please note, in accordance with Human Resources’ policies, gifts for employees are generally unallowable. Please review HR Policy 4-23, Entertainment and Gifts, for additional information.

In accordance with IRS accountable plan regulations, reimbursements must be submitted within 60 calendar days after expenses are paid or incurred to avoid being included as wages for tax purposes. Reimbursements processed after 60 days from the date the expense was incurred will be added to W-2 taxable earnings and appropriate taxes will be withheld from the employee's next regular paycheck. For student reimbursements with receipts 60 days or older, the check request must be accompanied by a completed W-9 form for 1099 reporting purposes.

If you are missing any receipts, please complete a missing receipt affidavit detailing the expense and submit it along with the expense statement. Please note that reimbursements will not be given for unauthorized purchases and expenses.