Loyola Off-site Recovery - Phase 3 Team - Registration

This form should be completed if you have been identified as a member of the LORE Phase 3 team.

LORE's purpose is to function as the emergency administrative operations of Loyola in the event of an evacuation from its campuses. It is essential that we collect this vital information from you for planning purposes. The information you provide will only be shared with those who have a need to know.

Please submit the information below and add any comments or concerns you may have in the comments section at the end.

Contact Information

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Family and Lodging Information

Expected number of accompanying family members excluding yourself.

Number of rooms required.

Number of beds required per room.

Please describe your pets.

Work Accommodations

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Is your mobile phone number registered with Loyola's Emergency Messaging System?

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Please indicate if your job function requires special equipment or capability or if you have any special personal needs, please indicate.