Loyola Off-Site Recovery

LORE (Loyola Offsite Recovery) defines the protocols for Loyola’s Continuity of Operations. LORE’s purpose is to function as the emergency administrative operations of Loyola in the event of an evacuation from its campuses and extended suspension of campus operations. Specifically, the LORE plan provides for emergency relocation of key personnel to a remote facility equipped to support them in their job functions. A Business Impact Analysis was conducted to assist in determining the best course of action as well as Continuity of Operations site.

The plan is progressive and includes three phases:

  • Phase I: Relocation of executive management team
  • Phase II: Relocation of key operational personnel
  • Phase III: Integration of third level of support as needed

Depending on the emergency forcing evacuation, the administration will control the decision whether to deploy all phases or just a partial phase activation. LORE Team Members will be notified via email, text, and/or phone call in the event their specific phase is activated. Guidance specific to the activation, such as meeting locations and times, will be delivered at the time of activation, but have also been distributed and exercised annually. Various LORE phases and team members are trained at the offsite location twice annually to ensure functionality and access to offsite servers for critical information and business operations. 

LORE Forms