Welcome to Emergency Management

This site is not an emergency reporting site. For campus emergencies, please dial (504) 865-3434 or 911 from your Loyola-based DESK phone. Dialing 911 from your CELL PHONE while on Loyola's campuses will connect you to the City of New Orleans Emergency Dispatch.

This site is an active component of the overall preparedness platform employed at Loyola University New Orleans. Contained on this site are current and approved preparedness and response plans to threats directed towards or directly impacting the campus and/or area.

To reach the Office of Emergency Management's "Emergency Information" site, visit the Emergency Information website, which is also at the bottom of all Loyola websites.

The navigation bar to left will prompt you to various links across the campus as well as provide embedded site information relating to a wide range of emergency information. Please remember that this site will change as a result of a campus emergency and provide immediate details to a current threat or emergency.

Emergency situations are never convenient, which is why it is critical that our community be prepared for the unknown. Being able to respond and activate either a departmental or individual emergency plan is not an easy feat. By reviewing plans and engaging our community more frequently, we can create a culture of preparedness and actually become more resilient together. We strongly encourage everyone to become familiar with their own plans, be it an individual plan, family plan, or department plan, in order to be more resilient once an emergency strikes.