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The Bursar’s Office maintains the copicard system for the University. Faculty and staff may add value to their existing copicard by bringing an approved departmental copicard charge form and copicard to the Bursar’s Office. All departmental copicard charge forms must be approved by the appropriate Department Head or Chair before funds will be added to the card.


University copies are .05¢ per copy and new copicards are .40¢ each.

Copicard Charge Forms

At the end of the month, all departmental copicard charge forms are submitted by the Bursar’s Office through a FRS batch entry to the appropriate departmental FRS accounts. Any questions regarding these batches can be directed to the Bursar’s Office.

Troubleshooting Problems with Copicards

The magnetic strip on the back of the copicard is very sensitive. Please do not staple the card or scratch the strip. Damage to the strip will cause the card to malfunction. Please keep the card away from magnetic surfaces as it will demagnetize the card. The Bursar’s Office is not responsible for lost or damaged cards. University copicards cannot be redeemed for cash.

If your department is experiencing problems with the copicard header on your copy machine, please contact the Bursar’s Office at (504) 865 – 2388. The office will contact the Xerox representative for service.